Report on a Strategic Evaluation of Reframing the Future - 2004

This report covers an evaluation of Reframing the Future undertaken in 2004 on behalf of the Australian National Training Authority (ANTA) by Dench McClean Carlson.

The evaluation brief was to identify the outcomes of Reframing the Future in terms of its mission and key goals, the impact it has had on bringing about change in the VET system, its coverage, the appropriateness of its methodology, its currency with national strategic directions and to consider performance indicators to measure its future progress.

The overall conclusion of the evaluation is that Reframing the Future is widely acknowledged as successful in pursuing its mission and, for the relatively low levels of funding available to it, has produced very valuable outcomes. The interviews, survey and case studies all reported on the success of the program and endorsed its continuation.

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Exhibit A - Previous evaluations of FTF and RTF
Exhibit B - Terms of Reference
Exhibit C - Project advisory group and consulting group membership
Exhibit D - Literature review report
Exhibit E - Interviews report
Exhibit F - The research process
Exhibit G - Survey results report
Exhibit H - Case studies report
Exhibit I - How the evaluation has met the project requirements
Exhibit J - RTF performance
Exhibit K - Dilemmas analysis

Set out below are previous evaluations conducted of Reframing the Future since 1998.